Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I would like to welcome you to my blog, Blue Jean Cards.    What you will find on this blog will be cards designed by Mary, aka Blue Jean Cards. :)  

My love for card making began around the mid eighties.  Making cards mainly for family.  In which, each one was drawn out by hand and taking about one to two hours depending on the design.  
Now its so much easier to create a card, depending on what medium you are using whether it be stamping, computer, or water color, copics, watercolor pencils...etc... 

The main mediums I use are: Digital Stamps, either created by me or another artist.; watercolor pencils; water brush pens; rubber stamps; designer paper; punches; and embellishments.   I'm not really the kind of artist that likes a lot of fancy-schmancy stuff to put on my cards.  I like basic.  Then if I want to add in some other things I can.  :)

I'm also a Christian.  And I love to read the Bible.  So I will be adding in some scripture verses as well. 

So, why pick the name, Blue Jean Cards?   First I was trying to pick a name that no one else had...and we know how frustrating that can be... this name just popped in my head.  And it fits perfectly.  It best describes my cards as being "basic".   And too, I love to wear bluejeans.  I'm comfortable wearing blue.  I supposed that's why I like the name of this blog.  :)    

Oh..I can't forget that I love to take pictures!   Yes, I will be putting some of my favorites up on my blog.  Today, as I was strolling in my flower garden, I caught a glimpse of bees collecting pollen.  So, pulled out the digital camera and got to snapping.    

I love flowers and wildlife.  

So, pull up a chair and set a spell.  ;)    Hope you'll enjoy my blog. 

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