What Happened to Blue Jean Cards?

What happened with Blue Jean Cards and why the change?    The original intent for the blog was to showcase my cards and to encourage our visitors with the Word of God.    Over time, I felt led of the Lord to write more.    I felt the name Blue Jean Cards didn't reflect the content of the blog.       We feel that it is more important for the Word of God to be presented in the form of Encouragement..Daily Walk     is the name that fits best.    It's important to read the Word of God on a Daily basis...for this is food for your spirit.      When looking for this blog,  you must still put in: http://www.bluejeancards.blogspot.com .    It may have caused more confusion if I had changed the web address.      Daily Walk is more of a ministry.   My husband and I make up that Team.  

In His Service,   Mary and Mark