Dangers of Halloween

I just wanted to share this article with our readers.  It's about the hidden dangers of Halloween.         Article is used with permission.

The Truth Behind the Mask

Jason Decker

What is Halloween? Is it really a time for Trick or Treats, Ghost stories, Pumpkins, Jack-O- Lanterns, Black cats, Costumes, Parties? Right? That is what I used to think. You probably thought that Halloween was a time for children dressed in cute costumes of witches, ghosts, and devils coming to knock at your door yelling “TRICK OR TREAT!” That’s not all there is to it. There is much more to Halloween, much more!
Halloween is more than a traditional holiday, and it is still celebrated by the many satanic and witchcraft groups today. How do the Halloween traditions and customs we see practiced today in our society relate to ancient and modern witchcraft?
The origins of Halloween can be traced back thousands of years to the time of the ancient Celts and their priests, the Druids. The night of October 31st marked the transition from summer into the darkness of winter. It marked the beginning of the Celtic New Year. The Feast of Samhain was a dreaded night, a night in which great bonfires were lit to Samana the lord of death, the dark Aryan god who was known as the Grim Reaper.
On this night it is said that spirits of the dead rose up and walked the earth. Wiccans say that this day is the best time for necromancy (communication with the dead). Halloween is still celebrated in Wicca as one of their Eight Seasonal Festivals, a ritual during which they call upon the dead to “Return this night to make merry with us”
One of my sources, who was a warlock in the Church of Satan, a priest in the satanic brotherhood and the high priest of a Wicca coven for almost 15 years, says that he and his fellow Wiccans would supposedly call up dead spirits such as Jesus, George Washington, King Arthur, Merlin, Aleister Crowley (a Satanist who called himself “The Great Beast”) who would appear and talk in normal like conversations on Halloween during their ceremonies.
He said that they used to cast spells on the countryside giving the spirits access to possess whoever they pleased. They especially cast spells on the children going about “Trick or Treating”.
But they believed that they were helping the people because they believed the spirits shared their wisdom and helped the victim to grow more aware of their spirituality. They did not realize the harm they really bring because they were blinded by their own spirits.
It was necessary that this be done on the night of October 31st, because it represented All Hallows Eve, the night before November first, “summer’s end when the powers of the underworld are felt to be growing, with its gates opened and all its forces let loose-the evil as well as the good.”
November first, All Saints Day was a religious holiday of the Roman Catholic Church established during the seventh century. It was the day the Catholics set aside in memory of the early Martyrs. November second was the day to pray for the souls in purgatory. Another name for All Saints Day was All Hallows. Oct. 31 was known as All Hallows Eve-later shortened to Halloweëen.
Today all of this is invisible, just the way Wiccans prefer it. Quiet, so they can be left alone. But you don’t have to look far for their influence on the spirit of Halloween. Today the spirit of Halloween is seen in the horror movies usually released in association with Halloween’s horror. Look at Halloween I, II and III; Friday the 13th series, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even on TV., there’s The Howling, and any number of slasher, bloody-murder and terror flicks you see. These are typical of what our society today accepts as all in the spirit of Halloween. It reveals the dark spirit behind the masks of the Halloween of today.
Black cats, Ghosts, Spirits, Trick or Treating, Jack-O-Lanterns, costumes, and masks all have associations to Halloween. Yet, each has been commonly used by Wiccans and all the back to the ancient Druids.
Symbolism is applied to most of the Halloween activities we participate in today. Just as people offered gifts of food to the spirits, people today offer treats to the kids who represent them by dressing up. In reality, the lighted Jack-O-Lanterns the children carry are symbols of the torches of former Halloweens and of the ancient Samhain fires.
Chosen villagers disguised themselves and cavorted from house to house collecting the ancient Celtic equivalent of protection money, and then drove the spirits out of that town or village. They carried Jack-O-Lanterns to light their way, often just a turnip or potato with a fearful, demonic face carved into it, which they hoped would impress or intimidate the spirits around it.
Other stories say that the Druids went around and collected money and then they would cast a protection spell and leave a jack-O-Lantern to tell the demons they had been there.
About Black Cats-remember the old saying “Its bad luck for a Black Cat to cross your path”? Well it can be almost so. During the thousands of years the cat has lived with humans, it has been worshipped as deity or cursed as a demon by many societies.
In ancient Egypt the cat was respected as a god. To the Druids they were dreaded as human beings changed into animals by evil powers. That is the reason they wove them into wicker baskets and put them in the Samhain fires. Cats often serve witches as familiars (spirit helpers). Their ‘magic’ eyes led people to believe that cats were seers, with strong mediumistic powers.
People hide behind all sorts of ‘masks.’ Some hide behind hats and others hide behind dark sunglasses. In many primitive societies a mask was more than a means of changing one’s appearance; it was a link with the world of the spirits, a channel by which men could tap the forces of the supernatural.
The wearing of a mask was believed to change a man’s identity and faculties, for the assumed appearance was believed to affect the wearers inner nature and to assimilate it to that of the being represented by the mask.
One of my sources told me someone in the coven would dress up as a demon/god or as Samana the prince of darkness (otherwise known as Set or Satan) and become possessed by the demonic personality.
This whole idea of kids dressing up like ghosts and vampires is actually a mask worn by Satan to make reality seem like the ridiculous. Once we look at this dark side of Halloween as a fun thing, we accept the evil as a common cultural tradition and find ourselves blinded by spiritual ignorance to the truth. So, Trick or Treat with the knowledge that you are opening the doors of yours and your children’s’ souls to true spiritual darkness.

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