Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hello fellow bloggers!

Hello and Greetings to everyone!   You have probably noticed that this blog has not been updated since 2016... Oh my, well, I thought that I had "lost" my password, but when I looked over all my old passwords, there it was... And to think all this time, I could have been updating this blog.   *Sigh*   

And you know what happens when you thought you've lost something,... you usually move on to another blog... and that's what I did.  You can find it over at WordPress.  Here is the address should it be of interest..  Our Daily Walk Blog..   For your reading pleasure, I will be updating Daily Walk (which happens to be under the address of bluejeancards.blogspot.com ... so, I really hope that I will gain readership again!  

In His Service, Mary