Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Better Printing Guide

When printing out the cards or tags- I would suggest using Microsoft Word or another free program is Libre Office .    

Example: Right click to save "tag".   Take the saved picture and hit copy to clipboard.   Next- open up the office suite of your choice.  Open up a new writing document.  Then right click on the page and select paste.   The picture of the tag or card should show up.   Then its easy to re-size it too.   Say you liked the Apple Slices Card, but wanted it to use it for place cards, then you would want to size it down.  

Here's my copy that I printed out earlier.  This was my test print just to see what it would look like.   (Ummm...we need new printer ink, hinting to my husband.) ;)   That's if he even reads this post.

As you can see by the photo not all of the boarder showed up.  Not sure what happened there.    Also, I did not use a program in which to print.  

So there you have it... hope this will help with printing.   

If you have further questions just slip it into a comment.  :)

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