Thursday, August 11, 2016

Snow wonder blank note card

Snow wonder blank card is ready for your holiday notes.  (Free for download).
(Yes, I did say that word "snow")  Sorry... but not really sorry, folks, cause its coming in the form of cute this time around!
Gotta have "cute".  :)
Like I mentioned before use these cards to send a happy little hello to someone you care about.    Or if you're like me ... sometimes its hard to find paper when you need it to jot down a phone number... right? 
This time, while you're on the phone... take a few coloring pencils to color in the snow mom & child image.
BTW- this image was designed by me, (Mary).  

Please respect my hard work, do not keep this in a collection or sell. 
Oh- and yes, I did add in my own style to decorate the edges of the picture.
Leave as is please.

Drop a comment my way, I would love to hear from you!
Mary :)

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