Tuesday, November 8, 2016

America's Future

Well, we did vote in this election.   We felt proud to vote!   With hopes held high, for the LORD to work on our behalf.   We prayed and spoke in tongues.   We hold to the truths of God's WORD, for our strength and continued guidance.   We have to - due to the "ungodly" world that we live in.

If the blinders were to fall away from man's ugly heart - he would truly "see" for the first time the mess that this United States have fallen. 
Once, the beginning of these United States started in true form.  Marching to the tune of morality and Truth and Love.   The early presidents held honor to preserve this nation from chaos.   These truths were held together by the Word of God.
I believe that if these United States had not started out with God's Holy Grace - it would have quickly fallen.   The enemy would have divided, and pulled apart.   But man held to the Simple Truths of God's Word.   And thus, they fought to keep the Nation Free.

Now chaos seems to rule the land - Few pulpits witness the goodness of God, and instead embrace  "man's goodness".   Man has seen that he might do a better job in creating his own peace while standing on a slippery slope.   Unknown to him the dangers that lie in wait.
Those with eyes of God, see the danger coming and hides himself in the Palm of the Almighty God - knowing that the Heavenly Father hears every breath of prayer - from His Saints.
These men and women do battle in the Heavenly realm.   The Saints of God equip themselves with an urgency - and the Bible.   Constantly seeking the Face of the LORD GOD.
Saints must learn to discern the Voice of the Father.  We are all called to prayer.  Warriors on the front lines to do battle.   For this world is going down fast.   But if we will wake from the slumber... we can do battle through prayer.

In Ephesians 6:18 it says:  "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all Saints (Saints praying for other saints)". 

Thank you LORD JESUS - for you are our Heavenly Father who watches constantly over all the Saints, - throughout all the ages.

For YOU never grow tired of hearing the Saints prayers and cries from the depth of hearts that are tired and those in dire pain.  For every one that carries a burden can come to the Father -  He lifts those burdens from our shoulders.
For YOU gave your Son as One Sacrifice - there's nothing that can be added or taken away from what happened on the Cross that day.

For ALL you've given - For all  One Sacrifice!

In His Service and for the Glory of God,  

Mary ♥

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