Friday, August 12, 2016

Do A Kindness

A poem from 1902, by Helen K. Chace

Do a kindness, do it well;
Angels will the story tell.

Do a kindness; tell it not;
Angel hands will mark the spot.

Do a kindness; count no gain;
Angels sing it in refrain.

Do a kindness; through no story
It may grace, 'twill ring in glory.

Do a kindness; though 'tis small.
Angels' voices sing it all.

Do a kindness; never mind!
what you lose the angels find

Do a kindness; small or great,
'Twill come back in double weight.

Do a kindness; never fret!
No good deed has been lost yet.

Do a kindness;  Do it now!
Angels know it all somehow.

Do a kindness any time;
Angels weave it into rhyme.

Kindly deeds, and thoughts and words,
Bless the world like songs of birds.

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