Friday, August 12, 2016

The Land of "Pretty Soon"

A poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox- 1902

I know a land where the streets are paved
With the things we meant to achieve.

It is walled with the money we meant to have saved,
And the pleasures for which we grieve.

The kind words unspoken, the promises broken,
And many a coveted boon
Are stowed away there, in that land somewhere --
The land of  "Pretty Soon".

There are uncut jewels of possible fame
Lying about in the dust,
And many a noble and lofty aim
Covered with mold and rust;
And oh, this place, while it seems so near,
Is further away than the moon;
Though our purpose is fair, yet we never get there --
The land of "Pretty Soon".

The road that leads to that mystic land
Is strewed with pitiful wrecks,
And the ships that have sailed for its shining strand
Bear skeletons on their decks.
It is further at noon than it was at dawn, And further at night than at noon;

Oh, let us beware of the that land down there --
The land of "Pretty Soon".

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